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What’s Happening at Youth MOVE PA and in the community.

Technical Assistance and Engagement Coordinator Corey Ludden and Policy and Program Development Coordinator Zack Karenchak have been busy. Their ongoing work includes advocating for young adults with lived experience, maintaining a social media presence, and developing curriculums to advance the opportunities for, and voices of, young adults.

Third Annual Summer Youth Conference
Empowering Youth to Become Leaders in Their own Lives.

August 7th, 2019
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ramada Hotel
1450 S Atherton St.
State College, PA

This event was planned by youth and for youth and young adults.

$100.00 stipend in the form of a gift card is available for those attending.


Agenda for August 7th, 2019.

Registration Information

No registration fee. A light breakfast and lunch provided.

To register call 1-570-917-3475 by July 30th, or email: carolyn11913@gmail.com.

Registration and Parental Permission Medical Authorization form.


Minding Your Mind by Evan Transue

Evan is a speaker for Minding Your Mind, an organization that provides mental health education to help reduce the stigma and destructive behaviors often associated with mental health issues. Evan is also a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and has his own brain-body connection business, Digest2Health. He is a member of Pillars for Growth, whose members support one another at retreats and meet for non-alcoholic fun, such as hiking and mountain climbing.

Evan will be sharing his life experience of living with anxiety, depression and panic attacks and his journey to mental and physical well-being. He went from being one of the best-performing students in his elementary school, to a daily battle with anxiety and panic attacks in middle school. Eventually, this developed into problems with depression and substance abuse. In his senior year of high school, Evan found himself in a situation he couldn’t have ever imagined; he was arrested, kicked out of his high school, and spent his 18th birthday on house arrest. By sharing his story, Evan hopes to spark the “ah-hah” moment for others who are suffering, inspiring them to speak up and ask for help.

Youth MOVE PA's Corey Ludden, Technical Assistance and Engagement Coordinator

Corey is an advocate for youth and has been a youth advocate since he was 19. Corey had a hard time transitioning from children’s services to adult, he found he had to reapply for insurance and would have a long waiting period before he could be treated once again. Without services, he couldn’t go to his doctor or use any service he had before turning 18. Without supports, his life began spiraling downward.

Corey heard about an opportunity to serve on a consumer satisfaction team. The job was to take surveys of people in residential settings and hospitals with a mental illness diagnosis. As he learned others’ stories, Corey realized that he had a similar story and was not alone.

Corey continued to grow and expand his experiences with groups like Youth and Family Training Institute and system of care, and his passion was to make a statewide youth group. Corey saw the opportunity to help those, who like himself at the age of 18, were lost in the sudden transition from youth to adulthood and form Youth MOVE PA as a way to do that.

Youth MOVE PA's Zack Karenchak, Policy and Program Development Coordinator

Zack grew up in Elk County in northwestern Pennsylvania, a rural area known for having more deer than people. As a teen, Zack experienced severe depression, along with terrible anxiety. Zack searched for youth groups that could offer him support with his mental health issues. He discovered these supports did not become available until the age of 18.

Need a Hotel?

If you would like to stay overnight, at your own cost, BHARP has arranged for discounted rooms. For reservations call: 1-814-238-3001 and use code YBHARP19 for the discounted room rate of $65 per night plus tax. This is not required for conference attendance.

Ramada Hotel
1450 S. Atherton St.
State College, PA

Past Planning Session

In November 2017, they held a strategic planning meeting that included young adults from across the state. Madeline Zielinski of Youth MOVE National facilitated, and the group helped define Youth MOVE PA’s focus and update the mission and vision.

The planning session also identified many Youth MOVE PA’s strengths, including diversity of membership, direct youth involvement, and being able to disagree effectively. As part of the mission, Ludden and Karenchak are developing two curriculums:

Youth MOVE PA is located in Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers’ Association (PMHCA) offices and works closely with PMHCA.

Social Media

Engage with us on Facebook and on Instagram.

Additional information is available by calling 717-564-4930 or emailing zack@youthmovepa.org or corey@youthmovepa.org.