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Board Committees

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee develops recommendations for the organization's response to public policy issues; stays informed on matters that are relevant to the agency's mission and vision; brings proposed policy statements to the full board for discussion; and, helps coordinate media contact and media campaigns.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, the two Vice Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Executive Director.

Personnel, Rules and Nominating Committee

The Personnel, Rules and Nominating Committee drafts and/or revises personnel policies for board approval and addresses other staff needs, salaries, benefits, policies and procedures. They are responsible for understanding PMHCA By-Laws and the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual. They coordinate the annual election of board officers; recommend appointments of committee chairs; and, coordinate orientation sessions for new board members.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the organization's and the board's overall fundraising with Executive Director and Fiscal Director. They also review budgets; help develop appropriate internal financial procedures; and, provide oversight and monitoring functions for the budget, annual audit, financial planning and fiscal reporting.


For further information about the PMHCA board, read the PMHCA By-laws.