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Corey Ludden, Technical Assistance and Engagement Coordinator for Youth MOVE Pennsylvania


Corey Ludden, Technical Assistance and Engagement Coordinator for Youth MOVE Pennsylvania.

On Turning 18 and Systems of Care

Today you are 18, an adult, and should know all the answers. Children’s services says: you are 18 and don’t need us anymore.

When Corey turned 18, he didn’t realize he would be cut off from his supports and services without explanation or assistance. He found he had to reapply for medical assistance. Without medical services, he couldn’t go to his family doctor or use any service he had before turning 18. Without supports, his life began spiraling downward. Corey’s mother told him about a temporary job with a consumer satisfaction team at Advocacy Alliance. The job was to take surveys of people in residential settings and hospitals with a mental illness diagnosis. As he learned others’ stories, Corey realized that he had a similar story and was not alone.

From Advocacy Alliance, Corey moved on to the Youth and Training Institute and learned how to be involved in his own care and self-advocacy.

Corey saw the opportunity to help those, who like himself at the age of 18, were lost in the sudden transition from youth to adulthood. Youth MOVE PA is a way to do that.

Master Trainer

In 2018 Corey became certified as a Master Trainer of the Young Adult Road Map program. The Young Adult Road Map program helps people in their teens and twenties navigate the everyday challenges of independent living. Training is designed to help social workers, counselors, case managers, peer support providers, and school behavioral health staff use interactive materials with transition-age-youth in one-on-one sessions or in support groups.

Corey is available to provide training for individuals to become a a Facilitator or a Coach of the Young Adult Road Map program. Get in touch with him for more information.

Corey Ludden corey@youthmovepa.org
Technical Assistance and Engagement Coordinator