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Glenn Koons Certified Peer Specialist Scholarship Winner: 2018

photo of Dontea George MyersThe Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association and the Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania are pleased to announce Tasha Zebrosky as the recipient of the 2018 Glenn Koons Scholarship. The funds associated with this scholarship will cover the registration cost for his Certified Peer Specialist training this fall.

Thank you to the Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania for sharing Tasha's story with us:

Recovery Through Peer Support: Meet Dontae George Myers, Glenn Koons Scholarship Recipient

What inspired you to train as a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS)?

I grew up surrounded by drug usage and have lived with mental health issues for most of my life. For a time, I worked as a certified recovery specialist in substance abuse supports. But working around so many triggers took a toll on me, and last year I had a “breakdown.” I was hospitalized for two weeks. When I was discharged, the hospital referred me to Northeast Counseling Services in Hazleton. I’ve been here for a year now, and Northeast CPS encouraged me to consider peer support training. She said that I’m very relatable and that I’ve come far and could be a great encouragement and example to other people.

How has peer support helped your recovery?

I feel that peer support is an important aspect of recovery. It has been as valuable to me as hospitalization and counseling. All these elements together helped me successfully do the hard work it took to get me to today.

Having peer support enables me to talk about myself more. I’m less anxious knowing that my peers have been through similar experiences. I feel comfortable talking about what I’m thinking or feeling to people who understand on a very personal level.

Over the past year, as I journeyed through hard times, I watched peer specialists tell their stories and thought “I can do this; I can survive this.” They showed me light at the end of the tunnel. Now I want to show that light to other people.

How did it feel to win the scholarship and what will you do with it?

I cried! It felt like a blessing. I’ve never won anything, let alone a scholarship to better my life. I told everyone the good news and am so thankful for the help. I will use the scholarship for a training at Philhaven and will then work at Northeast Counseling.

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