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About Us

The Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association (PMHCA) is a statewide member organization providing information, referrals and supports to people who are receiving services or in recovery from a mental illness in Pennsylvania.

PMHCA also advocates on issues directly related to mental health recovery and services in Pennsylvania both for individuals and system-wide.

PMHCA promotes and supports recovery through advocacy and education with the goal of eliminating stigma and discrimination around mental health issues. PMHCA also offers referrals to resources and agencies that can further help you with your needs.

In this section you will find out more about PMHCA, the supports we provide and what help is available locally and statewide.

Learn More About PMHCA

To learn more about the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association visit:

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Annual Report

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Our Mission

PMHCA is a statewide membership organization representative of the individual and collective expression of people who have recovered or are recovering from mental illness.

Our purpose is to promote and support recovery through advocacy and education to eliminate stigma and discrimination.