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Tell Your Story

In July 2012, Governor Corbett signed the Pennsylvania state budget for the fiscal year 2012 / 2013 and the 2012 / 2013 welfare code bill (HB 1261), which eliminated General Assistance and cut community based behavioral health funding by 10 percent. (Read more.)

How are these cuts affecting people who use services? If you, a friend or a family member, have been affected by state budgets cuts or the loss of General Assistance, please share your story with us so that we can tell the Governor and legislators that their actions have serious consequences.

How to Tell Your Story

General Assistance Stories

Are you, or people you know, harmed by General Assistance cuts?

Visit PA Cares for All, to take a survey for individuals. The online survey asks for information and stories from Pennsylvanians who have lost their General Assistance. Family, friends, and social service providers can also complete the survey.

Community Mental Health

Are you, or people you know, harmed by cuts to Community Mental Health programs and services or by cuts to General Assistance?

The more stories we have, the more information we can give to Pennsylvania legislators about real people and real needs in order to fight additional cuts to mental health and other human services. People may decide if they wish to maintain confidentiality.