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Stop the Governor's proposed Block Grant and the 20% cut to Community Mental Health funding

We will need your help to restore funding. We continue to review the budget proposal and to recommend next steps.

Our Budget Advocacy: Edition One

Next Step: Contact your County Commissioners.

This is the first time advocacy has been needed at the county level. Some counties say they want to have choice and flexibility in how they spend human services money. They see a block grant as the best way to have that flexibility. Some counties are okay with the 20% cut to Community Mental Health funding within the proposed block grant. Some counties are not okay with the 20% cut and have expressed that opinion publicly.

It is important to find out how your County Commissioners or County Council stand on budget cuts. It is very important that you let them know you oppose the block grant and you oppose the 20% cut.

How to Find Your County Commissioner

To locate your County Commissioner or County Council members select your county from this list.

If you are still having trouble locating your County Commissioner or Council member, call your county court house.

Contact Your County Commissioner

Provided are two documents to give you information about Broken Promises and about budget talking points. These documents will help you and your peers and colleagues understand some of the problems with the Governor's proposed approach to funding, and provide talking points and statistics for when you contact your County Commissioner.

Also provided is a template letter that can be used as a guide. Please use the parts with which you are most comfortable. Some of us like to use budget details while others prefer to use examples of lived experience combined with questions about how valuable services will continue with budget cuts and a block grant.

Remember to mention that you vote and will be making your decisions in the next election based on what the County Commissioners do with Community Mental Health funding.

Not a voter?

If you are not yet a registered voter, find out how to register now.

Check Back

More information will be provided and other approaches to legislators and government officials are being developed. This is a complicated budget proposal and we are working with other advocates and advocacy organizations to make sure we have as much correct information as possible.

We will offer tools throughout the next couple of months that people can use with their County Commissioners, their Pennsylvania legislators, Governor Corbett and others. They will be published on these advocacy pages.


PMHCA staff is available to answer any questions or provide any additional assistance you may need in order to stop the budget cuts. Email us at pmhca@pmhca.org or call 1-800-887-6422.


If you haven't already, read Broken Promises. We have provided a print version of the Broken Promises document for your use as you advocate.

Also, read Budget Talking Points. We have provided a print version of the Budget Talking Points document for your use as you advocate.