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Stop the Governor's proposed Block Grant and the 20% cut to Community Mental Health funding - continued

Our Budget Advocacy: Edition Three

How your life WILL change if the Governor's budget is passed

Ask yourself these questions. What will happen...

To Drop-In Centers

What will it be like if my local Clubhouse or Drop in Center closes its doors?

To Peer Specialists

What will happen to my job as a peer specialist? Will our agency have to make cuts?

To Mental Health Providers

How will I decide what services or programs to cut in the mental health agency where I'm a manager?

To Mental Health Consumers

What will change if I don't have General Assistance (GA) to use for medical co-pays, bills, and taking care of myself and my family?

What would it be like if a friend, family member or I don't have supports or a place to live in the community after leaving a state hospital or other psychiatric inpatient program?

What will I do if I cannot fulfill the proposed 20 hour per week work requirements for GA Medical Assistance?

What would I do without the outpatient services that I use?

What happens if I don't have employment services and can't keep or find a job?

Where will I go if I need crisis services or the Warm Line and those have been cut by 20%?

If I didn't have the supports that have been important to me, how would I get the help I need to get back on my feet and move ahead with recovery?

Contact Us

Let us know how the proposed budget could affect your life. Email or call us at 1-800-887-6422 or 717-564-4930.

Assistance with letter writing, legislator and county commissioner visits, making phone calls and more is available from PMHCA staff.

What will YOU do to stop the cuts from happening?

Legislators need to hear stories from YOU to understand how these cuts will affect the lives of people in need.

Visit the advocacy ACT NOW section of our Web site for ideas of what to say to legislators, letter-writing examples, and how to educate others about the impact of the proposed changes.

Do your part – take action NOW.

Take Action NOW

Find your legislators and their contact information on the Pennsylvania General Assembly Web site and tell them to OPPOSE the block grant, STOP the cuts and RESTORE funding.


If you haven't already, read Broken Promises. We have provided a print version of the Broken Promises document for your use as you advocate.

Also, read Budget Talking Points. We have provided a print version of the Budget Talking Points document for your use as you advocate.

Dated: March 14, 2012