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Stop the Governor's proposed Block Grant and the 20% cut to Community Mental Health funding

Our Budget Advocacy: Edition Two

Take Action NOW – Contact your legislators

Find your legislators and their contact information on the Pennsylvania General Assembly Web site.

Contact your legislators by letter, post card, email, fax or phone calls to their local or Harrisburg offices. Visit your legislators at their local offices. Let legislators know that you want them to vote against Governor Corbett's budget proposal to use Block Grant funding with a 20% cut to community mental health funding.

We have provided a suggested letter. Please edit and use your own words and experiences when contacting your legislators.

Tell your legislators to:

The proposal to make massive cuts and dismantle the community mental health system must be rejected by the legislators.

Also read the the PA Behavioral Health Coalition Opposes Dismantling of the Behavioral Health System and Devastating Budget Cuts position paper for more information.

Nothing About Us Without Us!

Tell your legislators: Nothing About Us Without Us!

Governor Corbett is putting into motion the biggest system change in over 40 years with NO input, No feedback and NO oversight by people who will be harmed by the change. The law that has governed the mental health system for over 40 years will no longer be in effect.

Talking Points can be used to guide your discussions. Also print the Talking Points to give to your legislators.

Check Back

More information will be provided and other approaches to legislators and government officials are being developed.

We will offer tools throughout the next couple of months that people can use with their County Commissioners, their Pennsylvania legislators, Governor Corbett and others. They will be published on these advocacy pages.


PMHCA staff is available to answer any questions or provide any additional assistance you may need in order to stop the budget cuts. Email us at pmhca@pmhca.org or call 1-800-887-6422.

Also, let us know what you have done with visits, calls and other contacts with legislators by contacting pmhca@pmhca.org or call 1-800-887-6422.


If you haven't already, read Broken Promises. We have provided a print version of the Broken Promises document for your use as you advocate.

Also, read Budget Talking Points. We have provided a print version of the Budget Talking Points document for your use as you advocate.