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Public Advocacy

Public policy: Public policy is created and established through constitutions, legislative acts and judicial decisions.

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee is a committee of the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association (PMHCA) Board of Directors and reports directly to the Board. Its mission is to develop recommendations for the organization's development of public policy positions and response to public policy issues.

This includes informing and assisting the Community Support Program (CSP) and other consumer organizations, to respond to various government proposals and actions.

The committee also recommends to the Board educational, media contact and media campaigns that tie into public policy issues.

The Public Policy Committee stays informed on relevant matters and brings recommendations for public policy changes to the Board for action.

The committee gathers input on issues from the membership directly, from conferences and workshops, focus groups and other member communications, as well as from statewide consumer coalitions (e.g., Peer Coalition, Drop-in Center Coalition) and statewide or regional committees (e.g., OMHSAS Planning Council, regional and local CSP, Keystone Pride Recovery Initiative and Stigma Project advisory committees, etc.).