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Systems Advocacy

Systems advocacy: Systems advocacy focuses on influencing and changing the system in an effort to change policies, rules or laws which determine how services are provided.

Systems advocacy includes policy and law reform activities, contact with elected officials, media releases, publications and community trainings.

Systems advocacy influences or produces a system-wide change in order to guarantee fair treatment and social justice for people in recovery at the local, state and national level. Through systems advocacy, we seek to make changes in legislation and government policy as well as in policy and practices of agencies providing services to people in recovery.

Strategies may include collective advocacy, advocacy development, community development, community education, resource development and lobbying.

Systems Advocacy at Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association

Systems advocacy has been at the center of the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association mission since its beginnings in 1986.

Although there is still work to be done, Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association has successfully worked for responsible closure of state hospitals for more than two decades. Systems change comes about through changes to public policy as well as through grassroots efforts.