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PA ABLE Field Representative

An ABLE Field Representative provides outreach and information primarily for the PA ABLE Program and, secondarily, for the PA 529 College Savings Program (together “the Programs”) and responds to requests for materials and on-site support from organizations and individuals as assigned. The ABLE Field Representative is responsible for generating interest about the Programs in a myriad of ways as needed.

Description of Duties

Reactive outreach. Responds to requests to provide presentations, information booths, webinars, presentations and meetings, and/or literature received from organizations and individuals. Prepares, documents, and submits an overview of all outreach, including event details, for approval to the Marketing Manager via CRM Proactive outreach. Generates interest in the Programs by contacting organizations, employers, professional groups, schools, businesses, and other entities seeking to provide information through those organizations. As with reactive outreach, activities include, making presentations, staffing information booths, conducting informational meetings, and/or providing literature. Schools and employers are prime points of contact for PA 529 and disability advocacy and support organizations are prime points of contact of PA 529 ABLE.

Application. Please note time to apply has been extended.