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Forensic Peer Advocate/Training Facilitator

Community Advocates of Montgomery County, PA, an affiliate of Hopeworx, Inc., is seeking applicants for a position that will provide mentorship, leadership and training facilitation opportunities. The position requires the facilitation of two advocacy trainings developed exclusively for and by Community Advocates, as well as individual advocacy services. The two trainings include:

The 14-week class called “It’s T.I.M.E.” has been offered to men at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF) once a week for the past seven years. The class has also been conducted in the community at behavioral health centers and, recently, expanded to the women’s side at MCCF. The class title stands for “Think, Identify, Make changes and Enter a new life” and is led by a peer with experience in mental health and criminal justice issues. Participants in the class are encouraged to educate themselves about criminogenic needs or risk factors for incarceration, identify ways to change thinking habits, and make plans for reentry so they can succeed when returning to the community. Understanding mental health, addiction and trauma are key outcomes for the class participants.

The Community Advocates Self-Advocacy Curriculum has been offered to peers, family members and provider staff for more than 10 years at various locations throughout the county. More than 1,200 individuals have completed the training, which is held 4 times a year.

Job Title: Forensic Peer Advocate/Training Facilitator

Organization: Community Advocates of Montgomery County

Supervisor: Kim Renninger, Director

Work hours: 37.5 hours a week, M-F daytime, but two part-time individuals sharing the position would also be considered

Wage: $14 an hour

Duties and Responsibilities:


Minimum of a high school diploma or GED, plus personal lived experience in both the mental health and criminal justice systems, as well as knowledge of those systems and resources in Montgomery County. Completion of state approved Certified Peer Specialist and Forensic Peer Support trainings are preferred. Must be able to get clearance to go into the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.


Good communication skills, both written and verbal, are required. Ability to problem-solve and work with others on a team. Good organizational skills and computer skills. Ability to facilitate support groups, workshops and classes. Ability to share personal experience purposefully to help others. Ability to interact with all parties in the justice system, such as probation officers and public defenders.

Characteristics for effective advocacy:

Send resume to Kim Renninger at krenninger@hopeworxinc.org