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Special Enrollment Periods

Every year there are special enrollment periods for people who have certain qualifying life changes or circumstances. The periods are generally for 60 days from the time of the change. Here are some of the reasons you might qualify for special enrollment.


There are some other complicated cases that may qualify you for a SEP. Some are listed here. Go to www.healthcare.gov/sep-list for a more complete list and call a navigator 1-855-274-5626 if you need assistance.

Exceptional circumstance

You faced a serious medical condition or natural disaster that kept you from enrolling. For example:

Medicaid/Marketplace transfers

If you applied for Medicaid through your state, or were sent to Medicaid from the Marketplace, but you weren’t eligible for Medicaid.

Your state transferred your information to the Marketplace but you didn’t get an answer about your eligibility and/or didn’t get enrolled before February 15.

System errors related to immigration status

An error in the processing of applications or system caused you to get an incorrect immigration eligibility result when you tried to apply for coverage.

Display errors on HealthCare.gov

Incorrect plan data was displayed at the time that you selected your health plan, such as benefit or cost-sharing information.

Victims of domestic abuse

You’re a victim of domestic abuse and weren’t previously allowed to enroll and receive advance payments of the premium tax credit separately from your spouse. You will be able to do so now.

Other system errors

Other system errors that kept you from enrolling, as determined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.