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Drop-In Centers and Peer Resource Centers

A Drop-In Center is a central place for self-help, advocacy, education and socialization. A Center generally provides an opportunity for socializing and networking that addresses the isolation felt by many, especially those in mental health recovery.

Most Drop-In Centers are open to all mental health consumers. No admission or membership fee is charged. All do two things: they provide hope and additional stepping stones on the road to recovery.

Find a Drop-In Center

magnifying glass To learn more about the services in your area, search for a Drop-In Center in your county.

Services of a Drop-In Center

The following are some of the services offered and populations served by a Drop-In Center.

Some Drop-Ins focus on:

Populations served vary. Some Drop-Ins serve individuals who:

Some Drop-Ins are run by:

Who Should Use the Database

If you are looking for a place in your county where you can get to know other people in mental health recovery and tap into local mental health resources, you should use this database to locate a Drop-In Center.

Professionals who want to refer people for such opportunities can also use it as a resource.

Drop-In Center administrators and staff may choose to explore the database to extend their professional network.

Find a Drop-In Center

magnifying glass To learn more about the services in your area, search for a Drop-In Center in your county.

Not every county has a Drop-In center. This Web site will be kept updated but may not include every center or we may not have been notified yet of new ones.

For more information about the services available in your county, contact your county's Mental Health Administrator's office. Visit the Mental Health/Developmental Services Administrators Web site for the MH Administrator's office in your county. Also, check your telephone book under local government for Mental Health services.

If there is not a Drop-In Center in your County, please considering starting one. All you need is a public space and like minds.

Drop-In Center Managers and Lead Staff

We need your help to keep the list of Drop-In Centers and their contact and services information current. If there are changes to the information about your Center, or if you have a new Center to add to the database, please contact us.

Contact Pat Madigan, Community Outreach Coordinator, Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association at 717-564-4930 or 800-887-6422 or send her an email pat@pmhca.org with any additions or edits to the database.