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Regional Service Area Planning

Each of the six state hospitals has its own Regional Service Plan. The Plan is developed to provide for the needs of people leaving state hospitals and reentering the community. The Plan addresses the provision of services to ensure that the consumers' needs are met within the community, preventing the need for future hospitalizations.

The purpose of the Service Area Planning meetings is to continue regional community service planning that covers the following shared goals:

Community Service Programs

The Community Service Programs participate on the Service Area Planning committees, providing input for addressing mental health recovery needs. PMHCA staff also attends Service Area Planning committee meetings to learn from people at the grass roots level and to share a statewide perspective with these regional groups.

Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association provides direct technical assistance to the Central Region and supports technical assistance in the Northeast, Southeast and Western regional community support programs.

For more information contact: Pat Madigan, Community Outreach Coordinator 717-564-4930.