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Mental Health Advance Directives

Mental Health Advance Directives are an extension of advance medical directives that address symptoms of a mental illness. They are also legal documents and a tool for the expression of an individual's free will and self-determination in coping with mental health and substance use conditions.

Booklets Available

Mental Health Advance Directives booklets that help people develop their own directives are available in English and Spanish. Sometimes people want a Mental Health Advance Directive to include a person with Power of Attorney, also called a mental health agent. At times of illness, providers of mental health services and supports can be helpful in making sure the directives are followed.

Trainings Available

The Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association (PMHCA) provides trainings on Mental Health Advance Directives. PMHCA presents these trainings to consumer run organizations, professional organizations, educational institutions and other interested audiences. Training is also provided for people to become Mental Health Advance Directives trainers. Read more.

Check the training page on this website for a list of current Mental Health Advance Directives trainings.

For more information:

For more information contact: Contact Liz Woodley, Training Coordinator, at 717-564-4930.