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Principles of the Community Support Program


Services are based upon the needs of the individual and incorporate self-help and other approaches that allow consumers to retain the greatest possible control over their own lives.

Culturally Competent

Services are sensitive and responsive to racial, ethnic, religious and gender differences of consumers and families.

Designed to Meet Special Needs

Services are designed to meet the needs of persons with mental illness who are also affected by such factors as aging, substance abuse, physical illness or disability, intellectual disabilities, homelessness or involvement with the criminal justice system.

Community-Based/Natural Supports

Services are provided in the least coercive manner and in the most natural settings possible. Consumers are encouraged to use the natural supports in the community and to integrate into the living, working, learning and leisure activities of the community.


Services are designed to allow people to move in and out of the system and within the system as needed.


Treatment services and supports are coordinated on both the local system level and on an individual consumer basis in order to reduce fragmentation and to improve efficiency and effectiveness with service delivery. Coordination includes linkages with consumers, families, advocates and professionals at every level of the system of care.


Service providers are accountable to the users of services and include consumers and families in planning; development; implementation; and, monitoring and evaluating services.

Strengths Based

Services build upon the assets and strengths of consumers and help people maintain a sense of identity, self-esteem and dignity.