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Recovery Resources

A Call for Change Toward A Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Service System for Adults was published by the Office of Mental Health Substance Abuse Services. A Call for Change establishes a firm foundation for the Pennsylvania transformation to a recovery-oriented mental health system. It provides a concise definition of recovery, and further consideration of what a recovery-oriented system is and is not. The principal leaders of mental health advocacy in Pennsylvania formed the committee which resulted in this call for change.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

The Consumer Guide, a guide to advocacy for mental health consumers in Pennsylvania, was created to help people in Pennsylvania who are dealing with mental illness learn about the mental health system and when, where and how you can shape it – if you choose. This guide may not contain current information such as names of mental health administrators. The doors to consumer empowerment remain relevant to today’s Pennsylvania mental health system.

Faces and Voices of Recovery provides stories of recovery, recovery resources, tools and materials beneficial to being an active advocate for the recovery movement.

MH/DS Program Administrators Association of Pennsylvania provides a list of the local mental health/intellectual disabilities agencies for each county and their phone numbers. They can be contacted for assistance with getting local services or for information.

National Empowerment Center, Inc. contains recovery resources including articles, book reviews, and other publications. You will also find links to consumer-run organizations, peer-run organizations, coalitions and more.