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Stories of Recovery

What does recovery look like? What does recovery feel like? We each find our own path to mental wellness and identify the tools that help keep us on the road to recovery.

Reading and sharing the stories of our peers can be an opportunity for growth and healing, connecting with others who have been in our shoes, and learning that we are not alone. It is important to share your story and speak your voice.

If we listen to each other with open minds and hearts, we begin to walk together in recovery and create a world of understanding and transformation as we take the time to consider perspectives different from our own.

The following stories are written by people who continue on the road to recovery. These stories celebrate life, resiliency, and the human spirit.

Another repository for stories of recovery, My Story, from SAMHSA's Resource Center to Promote Acceptance, Dignity and Social Inclusion Associated with Mental Health (ADS Center), provides a collection of true stories of real people and their experiences with mental health challenges or substance use problems.